WAH! The waiting process is killing me! grrrr

May 22, 2006

I emailed Luts again last May, 20 ( Saturday ) since i was really over excited to the extreme about my order. hehe

i placed this mail in their Q&A board since they answer faster there than in their e-mail account.

I wrote:


just want to check up on my order if the face-up is done already. because you said that i shall be having my shipping confirmation probably 2 days from now. I just cant wait for it to be shipped here. Anyway, thanks again.

hope to hear something new about my order. thanks”

I got their answer this morning, May 22, 2006

“Hi lovely Ara~

How are you today?

There is a slight storm in Korea today.

Yes you will receive a confirmation mail on shipping in two days.

Right now your LISHE’S makeup is done 🙂

If you have any
questions, email me or write on Q&A board.

Have a nice & happy day~!

Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

From: your friend……LUTS”

I got really ecstatic knowing that the face-up is done on my CP NS LISHE. But the 3rd line from their email really got me very confused…

“Yes you will receive a confirmation mail on shipping in two days.” –> i dont know if they mean two days from now, which is May 24 ( wednesday ) or today (May 22 ) since this day will be my fourth day of waiting for the shipping confirmation. This is because they said in one of their emails that i wil receive the confirmation email today ….” please wait for 3-4 days blah blah” …

i dont know if it got delayed or something because of the storm in korea, but i just want to receive that freaking email so i would just wait for my order to come!!!

i just hope that she will arrive this week so i could make her clothes already. rar!!


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