Ordered Ashe at last!! ( wait…that rhymes…haha )

May 10, 2006

Finally, after months of googling at almost every doll in every doll website that i found, I finally settled on the one who literally captured my heart. Nope, its no boy doll….its a girl.

Although i have long decvided to settle on the LISHE doll from LUTS, I left room for considerations for other dolls. I even considered the SOO doll from LUTS, Angelic Scars- EVE LE from Dollmore, Nikita Asha from Dollmore and many more. But oh well, the LISHE doll is far more pretty than those dolls. *peace*

I ordered her on May 1 and my mom paid for her the next day, May 2. Unfortunately, LUTS still haven’t recieved my payment for my order. ( by the way, i ordered the lishe doll, together with 1 pair of boots and 2 wigs. hehe )

This was their most recent email to me last May 8, 2006.:

“Hi~lovely ara

How are you doing?????

We did check through our bank account but we haven’t received your payment so far.

It takes quite a while for the payment to be remitted from foreign bank

To foreign bank. We will notify you again when we have received your payment.
Thank you for your patience
If you have any questions, send us e-mail.

have a nice & happy day~!

from : your friend… LUTS”

Geez….when will they recieve it then??? its already 8 days since my mom paid for it….grr….

oh well, all i can do is WAIT.

I really hope they recieve it soon so they could already ship it here!! WAHH!!


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