Why does everyone think that i can’t do things?

February 19, 2005

wahh!! long time no update!!! sh*t! I just had a lot of things that i did ( specially in research)..anyway..have you seen the live-action series of “GTO” (Great Teacher Onizuka)?? It’s really great!! But it only has 6 episodes. The one who played Eikichi Onizuka is really cute!! His name is Takashi Sorimachi!!! he’s really cool!! i love the way he express himself! very Onizuka-like!! hehe!

Anyway..we went to “Edward Teng” yesterday for my Grad Ball gown…it took us an hour and a half to find the right design. Good thing that i got to pick the color i want. I really wanted it to be black, but i realized that many people will go in black so i decided to pass for that. Then i thought of hot pink, which was the color that i really hate but i will just wear it to make people feel irritated. But hell! Almost all the girlies in our batch are going to wear pink…so…there, i suddenly said to myself..”Why not combine them to make them unique”…and i said to the designer to make the gown with the color combination of pink and black!! Rarely used, simple but unique!! It’s going to be the last time to be with my friends so i decided not to take a partner with me ( burden!! If he pays for his own food..then..maybe..oh well…)

I got my weekly cleaning this 3pm. Still painful as usual!! dang!! Sometimes i wonder if i could just magic my zits off my face!!

This saturday class was a bummer to death!! We only had 1 teacher..ms. tan!! The physics seatwork really made my brains work ( which was rarely happening nowadays…). All our answers should be in sentence form ( which means we have to explain concepts in physics in our own understanding!) The computer seatwork was…well…weird!…Should i really know how to code Visual Basic in order to live and have a good job????? I’m not interested in I.T. anyway!! I like to take up Medicine, dang it!!


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