Wondering if you are the same and who’s been with you

February 14, 2005

uhmm…hi peeps…anyway..before i make a post, let me greet everyone a very

—–Happy Valentines Day—–

 I hope everyone is happy and are having the time of their lives.!!

My dad bought me a flower and 6 doughnuts ( the valentine something…i forgot) today because its valentine!! awww…how sweet. Actually we already had our “date” yesterday in Eastwood. We went to the arcade together and we played the “motion-sensor” game ( where you use your hands to…like..”wipe out” the 2 circles in front of you..i really forgot what they call those!!)..hehe…anyway..Eastwood was a blast!! the food was great! ( we treated ourselves to some starbucks) and i even bought a HIDE MATSUMOTO plushie!!!!!! yokatta!!!!! its soooo kawaii!!!!!!

I just want to greet my friend out there…..myke…

☺Happy Birthday Myke!! ☺

and may you have more birthdays to come!!! wahhh!! you’re getting older!!!! anyway..goodluck with your studies, man! Hope to see you there next school year!! heheI had some fun with the “Arnis” in our P.E. period. I felt like being a kendo student and swatting my enemies into pieces…harharhar!!

to Doms…my “ka-on” hehe….( she’s no wife of mine..nor husband either..so i’ll refer to her as my “ka-on” for the meantime!) Happy to us!!! It’s 14 dear!!! hehe

Asawa coh!! Doms!!!

Happy 3rd year anniversary my dear!!!!!Imagine…we have been together for 3 yrs now and we are still getting through LIFE!!! haha!!

Well there you go.. i still have a lot of things to do..so bye for now!!


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