I try to walk that same hill next to you

February 10, 2005

We went to Belo ( tomas morato) this morning to get my face cleaned and undergo another laser treatment ( damn! it was wickedly painful!)

Anyway, after that me and my mom went to rockwell and headed straight to fully booked! ( my favorite place in the world!!)…I bought 3 books today. “Barry Trotter and the unnecessary sequel”, “Barry trotter and the dead horse” and “City of ember”. The barry trotter books are the unauthorized parody of harry potter books by Michael Gerber ( he is currently being sued by harry potter fanatics). After that we went to Girbaud and my mom bought a black handbag ( it was nice but i dont like hadbags)…and uhmmm..i bought…(ahem!)..a skirt. It was not a mini skirt, but its just up to the knee..hehe..it’s my 3rd skirt in my lifetime. ( wow!!). It goes to show that i’m not really girlie or something. Rockwell is nice but it’s stores are for “conyos” only. One store sells this rolex watches with a whooping price of almost 500,000 pesos!!!!! Talk about unreasonable pricing! I am still under serious hangover so please bear with me, and don’t mind my rantings

…uhmmm..Rem!!! goodluck with your insanity 101 pitas account!! i hope you can come up with a great layout!!! *crosses fingers*!!! Now my mom baked a cassava cake!! wahh!! i want one!! but i’m on a “no-sugar” diet. So now, i’m not looking at it so i’ll not be tempted!! haha!!

Your An Innocent Anime Girl! your sweet kind and
caring and your always friendly and chatty to
everyone you meet,you welcome everyone with
open arms and you also treat everyone as
equals, your not one to get angry and will deal
with all matters calmly and with no violence.

What Enchanted Anime Girl Are You? (ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS ANIME PICS)
brought to you by Quizilla

without violence, eh?…fat chance!

Spike Spiegel, the haunted hero of Cowboy Bebop is
your ideal man. Though not an overly sensitive
guy, he can tell when something is wrong, even
if he doesn’t know what to do about it. He
knows that a good joke is the best way to
combat pain and never worries about offending
someone’s sensibilites. One little problem
though, he’s hung up on an old old girlfriend,
Julia. Oh yeah, and he’s being hunted by the
Red Dragon Syndicate too, is that a problem?

Aaah! Kawaii! Who is your ideal anime guy?
brought to you by Quizilla

oro?!…what the heck?!?! spike spiegel?!?!? oh well, he’s ok but i don’t like his hair!!

aya angst
You have AYA angst. Oh dear. We’re talking
uber-angst here. You’ve lost those dear to you,
leaving you cold and ruthless with a thirst for
revenge that will never be quenched. And the
guilt! Don’t lets get started on the guilt. The
only hope for you is to find a vocation to take
your mind of things, or better still, a soul
mate to pull your eartails until you feel



What kind of anime angst have you got?
brought to you by Quizilla

creepy, but it’s fine…

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

really?!?! i’m i that spoiled?!?! hehe


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