Parokya ni Edgar moment is <3

February 9, 2005

..Just got back from school and my head hurts like hell..anyway..sorry if my post here is a bit disoriented because a serious kind of hangover has gotten over me till now. I got back from the gig at 4:00 am so i was really groggy then. I tried to wake up at 5:00 for the classes that day, but my body was longing for a decent sleep so i just slumped back to bed and slept again. I was thinking of not going to school but i still had a lot of to do so i went to school at 9:00 am where they were having a mass( ash wednesday) that time. When i got to seat already with my friends, i immediately told them what happened ( they thought i was absent?!) and swooned every minute while i told them my experience in Padi’s point!!! But before that, i received a BIG letter from La Salle and there was a magazine there about their school ( obviously!) I like their theater!! But they didn’t have a picture of their library!! dang!! but if ever I’m going to that school, i will immediately visit its library!!! Yipee!!

ok, let me relate what happened!! ( dream come true peeps!!)

When i got back from school ( yesterday) i just updated my blog and slept already. I woke up at about 9:45 pm and got dressed to go to Padi’s. We got there at 10:45 pm and just ate a LOT of nachos. Me and my brother drank some Cali, which was surprisingly delicious!( no beer for kids yet! hehe) It was already 11:00 pm and Paroks were not there yet, then the manager of Padi’s ( kuya Miko!! tenkyu!!!) whispered to my mom that paroks was outside already and was just waiting for the crew to set-up their guitars, amplifiers, drum and distortions ( i’m not really sure what they call those things that guitarists step on to produce high pitched sounds when performing) We went outside immediately and saw them!!! wahhh!! I thought i was going to faint!! ( am i over acting already??!!) Then kuya miko introduced me to Chito and he shook my hand!! I was already shaking on where i stood! Then i asked him to sign my poster and 2 cds and he thanked me endlessly and told me to support all opm bands, not just them ( playing humble, eh?) Then i asked, din-din, Darius, Buwi and Gab to sign the poster too and the cds. Bad luck!! Vinch was not there!! Chito said that he was studying for something and he can’t attent the gig! dang!! i wanted to see him too!! They started performing at about 12:00 and finished at about 3:00 am..not sure. My conclusion with this event is that they are really great performers!! ( i bow down before your great skills!!) And all of them are super approachable, specially Chito an Din-din!! super humble and they are just like casual friends of mine, even though we just met that day. Before they sang “chickinini”, Chito asked my age ( i was in the front row!) and referred to me as “kid” and that i wasn’t supposed to listen to that song because it was “bastos kasi e”. After that, he said sorry to me, thinking that i got offended in some way ( but really, i wasn’t!! i took it as a joke!! hehe) But even though i said that it was alright…he sang “sori na” for those he has offended that night. awww!!! cool!! And even before we went home he said sorry again and another sorry because their songs are “bastos”. * ultimate bliss!!!* To my mom and dad, tenkyu!!!! 21 gun salute for the both of you!!! How about Rivermaya, next time or Spongecola?!?! joke!!

do you want me to post some pics??!?!?, just click on the links to view some of the pics!!

ok, here goes….( warning!! long list of links on the way!!)

me, chito and din-din
me, chito, mom and ron ( din-din in the background…hehe)
me, chito, ron, din-din, buwi, ate ria and darius!
chito signing the poster and cds
me and chito
me, chito and ron
me, ate len, mom, ron, ate ria, chito, din-din,buwi and darius
us ( yet again), chito is a bit tipsy already..hehe
the signed poster!!
inuman session cd signed!
inuman session vcd signed!!*smiles*

sorry about the nonsense post!! gomenasai desu!!! are there so many pics?? that’s not even the half of what i have….i just don’t want to upload them all there!!

i’ll just post some quizzes ( yet again!)


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I think this is very accurate!!!


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Paula!! i got Miyavi!!! * evil grin*



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oopss…i think i really did…joke!!

ok, enough with this post…bye people!!


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