I am the master of my fate….

January 28, 2005

This day was mysteriously nice to me…I had answered our computer seatwork without so much help from others, although I occasionally ask my seatmate (hazel) for her opinions on the numbers we were answering.

The physics class was a blast too. Sir Beng cracked up some jokes to keep us awake. He only made us answer 1 problem concerning potential energy and kinetic energy…although it has 5 sub problems. He even helped me in the 5th problem concerning power because I somehow forgot the formula for it *swoons* although “sexy boy” is much closer to my heart than before *wink*.

Then Ms. DV excused me from Sir Beng’s class to discuss with me some topics that I have to tackle with the class for our so-called quiz. Damn…she didn’t even give me examples…only the formulas! But, the topic was not that hard so I just nodded my head every time she asks me if I understood it. Not even half of the class was there after lunch so I only got to teach some of my classmates…but miraculously many passed their papers to me…weird….

I got Bob Ong’s “Alamat ng Gubat”!! I bought it this afternoon in the book fair in our school!! It looks so cool!! I haven’t read it yet because I’m still in the “carnivorous carnival” in the series of unfortunate events and I still have a book more to go!! Yey!! Hehe. The “Alamat ng Gubat” even have a sketch of a turtle in the cover along with some animals…like roaches, crab…and others.
Last night my mom and dad surprised me with some tickets they bought. It’s a ticket to Padi’s Point somewhere ( I don’t know which branch!) that features “PAROKYA NI EDGAR’S Inuman Sessions!!!!! I hugged me parents really tight and endlessly thanked them. It has been a long dream of mine to meet those guys!!! It will be on Tuesday, 11:00 pm ( and to think I still have classes the next day!! That means there is no sleeping yet again!!)…I’ll post some pics after the event people!!

Drat!! I still have to go to school tomorrow because I have to attend the CEP in bilibid prison!! Damn!! I was really looking forward on a long sleep tonight!!…bye guys, I still have a lot to do….ja ne!!!


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