Misery and the likes

January 20, 2005

*sigh* another day full of misery…why can’t the days be more nice to me once in a while?…

I think *_____* got really mad at me because he returned every single thing that I gave him…it was a weird feeling when I saw the things that I worked so hard for….now returned to me…I’m planning on returning the things he gave to me too…maybe one of these days….hell!! I don’t have time for these! I have a lot to do…and I just want these problems to stop bothering me!…please give me a break for once!!!!!! Well if ever you stumble upon my blog…and if you are reading this…I’m really sorry if my heart is as cold as ice….I really tried to change…but to no avail. I did try my best but my instincts got the best of me….gomenasai. I just hope that you’ll really find that special girl that will be more worthy of you. If ever you meet her, let me know, ok?

wahh!! My feet hurts like hell!!! We’ve been practicing our dance steps for our field demo for like…since morning till the late afternoon!!! With just recess and lunch as our “nap time” (hehe). They should have told our section to bring rubber shoes or our P.E uniform for that matter. How are we supposed to dance properly in heels?!?!?!?!?! To think that our dance includes a lot of hopping and those stuffs!!

during our recess, I was just eating my favorite food, ensaymada from red ribbon, then all of a sudden my braces snapped!! The wire near my molars broke!!! Shoot!! I just had to wait till dismissal so I can go to my dentist and have it fixed!! ( it’s up and running now though!! Hehe)

I’m now in book 6 of “series of unfortunate events”…entitled “the ersatz elevator” …I think ersatz is a cool name…maybe I’ll use that to name my “soon-to-be-child”…instead of Oxygen…( I am so weird!!)

Anyway…my research is still making my head spin like crazy!!! I just want this all to end so I can pursue my college life already!!! I want to graduate so bad!!!

I just want to share this weird feeling of mine…I’ve been dreaming about this certain guy that I don’t even know…named Mike. It’s just that, everyday his name just pops inside my head and I will think about it for a while and then forget about it. An hour later I’ll remember it again and think again…This is so weird!! I don’t even know a guy named MIKE!!!!! What the hell is happening to me these days?!?!?!?!?…maybe….problems is consuming me again.

kawaii, desu ne?
Your label is the Nice girl/guy. You tend to care
for others over yourself.
However, many people
appreciate your caring side and would rather
stick by you than hurt you. But, there is a
downside. Some tend to abuse your kindness and
take advantage of you.
You always try to see
the good in everyone and try not to hate.
Also, you have sharp insight and a great
personality. Calm, serene, and understanding,
you make a worthy friend and a valuble ally to
people in need. Don’t change your sweet
nature, your constant being-there can save a

I suggest your go into a field that
centers around working with others such as a
doctor, baby-sitter, psychologist, lifeguard,
or Teacher. If none of these occupations
interest you, it is okay then. I am sure that
there are plenty of oppertunities out there for

What type of teenager are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
is this quiz telling me that i’m a nice girl?!?!?!?! no way!!!!weird!!



In your eyes, people can’t seem to see anything
because your eyes are covered up by tears! You
are constantly hurt and depressed... No one
seems to understand how you feel because
everyone is scared to get close to you… You
long to be able to reach out and tell someone
everything, and all of your problems… But you
have no one to tell, or they just don’t seem to
want to hear what you have to say. You’ve been
hurt many times that you don’t seem to have any
tears left to shed, or if you do, they’re an
endless river flowing… You’ve started to hide
and bottle up all or your problems and
feelings, hoping that maybe they just will go
away… You want company, but at the same time,
you’re scared of it. Your sanctuary is your
room where you can just be alone and try to
throw away all of your aching pains. You’re
dark and mysterious and people like you for
that reason. Even if you think you’re all by
yourself in the dark, someone is always there
with you. Your special someone wants to admit
and show their feelings towards you, but
they’re afraid of how you’ll take it. Get out
more and enjoy life because, it is far too long
to frown your way through 🙂


What Lies Behind Your Eyes? (With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
wah!!! Setsuna and Sarah Mudou!!! i love the both of you!!! anyway..i can relate to this result..its accurate and true…




You dont want love to come through to you. You like
it the way you are. To be unreachable, no need
to show feelings. Hiding everything inside you.
You are already used to it. You say yourself
that you dont need anyone, that you stand on
your own two feet or that you dont have time
for these things. But in reality you are scared
to get hurt.
You feel save where you are: by
yourself, nobody can hurt you there. You
invent your own relationship in your dreams.
You just need to know that you COULD get a
partner. Thats it. PLEASE VOTE, I want to know what you think about my
quiz, I worked hard on it.You can always
message me or tell me how I can improve that

quiz. Ill sure write back.


~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
brought to you by Quizilla


wow!! cool!! its super accurate!!!super great!!!



i think that’s all for now, i have to do something with my research…


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