My head is empty

January 12, 2005

i am now currently addicted to this “Series of Unfortunate Events” by my idol, Lemony Snicket. I just recently realized that he is an amazing author and has that power to make his readers read his book nonstop! (literally) He is just like JK Rowling but he prefers to hide his true identity, which makes him more cool….

I want to watch the movie!!!!!!!!! But i don’t have time this weekend because i have my ADMU test..though i know that i can’t possibly pass there..but still here i am dreaming like hell….
anyway i want to post my favorite screencaps in the movie. You know what, Violet Baudelaire looks like a mini Angelina Jolie, with her lips pucked up like that…hehe….I just love the cute baby there named Sunny in the book!! And Klaus…geeky but funky!

The Baudelaire orphans are so adorable that i want them to be my own siblings! *dream on!*

Just want to post some quiz result… because i want to kill time!…

*sigh* i’m back to my old self again..though i don’t know why..i keep on telling myself that i have definitely improved…but to no avail….


You are a dark girl. You have a really quiet and
really a i dont’ care attitude. You like to be
alone and that is what you enjoy. You don’t
like to be around others and you’d rather be
away from here. You have a get away from me
look and others find you bitchy and
self-rigious. You’d rather read than be at a
fair but that’s ok because that’s who you are.


shucks….i’m really back…To the heartless, morbid and angst-driven girl that i was way back….pitiful…



My math teacher told me that my grade (in math obviously)…have risen to 3 points!! wow!! can’t believe it!!…actualy thats the only good thing that happened to me this day….the others…i just want to forget them….anyway…my “friend” out there….just want to greet you …“happy!” even though “things” are not what they were before…

signing off….


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